Use this tool to discover how your project stacks up to others seeking investment, and receive a score to help you identify opportunities to increase your competitiveness. In just a few minutes (10-15 minutes if you are prepared), this tool immediately "cuts to the chase" and benchmarks your project across nine indicators in three layers - your current situation, financial fundamentals, and risk profile.

Your total score correlates with a project's readiness for funding (usually in the form of a term loan of 3-20 years), sometimes called "bankability," and also provides specific insights based on your individual combination of responses. Any less-than-perfect scores open up ways to improve, fine-tune and thus increase your odds of success.

This is assessment, not judgment. Don't take it personally - but do take it seriously ... share results with your team and discuss next steps.
Feedback serves as the basis for an informed conversation about reliably obtaining investment funds. Each score is a useful indicator of either readiness or (in the case of a lower score) a developmental opportunity you may want to consider.


For each of the nine indicators, simply select the option that applies to your current state and click Next.
It is important to be brutally honest with yourself; if you distort the facts, it defeats the purpose.
At the end, the tool will calculate various scores and offer tips for interpreting your scores.

Remember that most companies, even those that are ultimately successful, begin with less-than-perfect plans and readiness scores, gaining investment through honest self-appraisal. Click Next to get started.